• Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Exact Target.
  • Video production as well as pre and post production. Specializing in editing with non-linear editing systems like AVID and Adobe Premiere.
  • Web page design using HTML, CSS.
  • Well-versed in Mac and Windows operating systems. Limited experience with Linux.
  • Proficient in MS Office, iWork, Dreamweaver, Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Meridian KSI learning management system administration.
  • iLinc learning management system administration.
  • Experience with hosting webinars with Adobe Connect.
  • Drupal website content management.
  • Asynchronous online classroom facilitation skills.
  • Face-to-face classroom teaching skills.
  • Avid online communicator and community builder/leader.
  • Social media community building and marketing.
  • Experience with Google Analytics.

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